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Jack Yiu

I am a developer who loves building web applications to solve real-life problems and enjoys on automating things that enhances productivity. I started my journey immersing myself in front-end web development, but I found myself enjoying the process of developing the backend and enhancing developer productivity by developing new tools and leveraging things like docker.

I've graduated from University of Toronto on 2017 with a Bachelors of Science, Computer Science (Software Engineering / Information Systems) Specialist with a 3.7 CGPA. I've TA'd various 3rd & 4th courses such as sofware engineering, functional programming and web development.

As of 2018, I've been focused on building webapps with Typescript, GraphQL and applying Event Sourcing, CQRS and RxJS to solve complex data-heavy problems.

I've developed over 10+ webapps in the past 4 years primarily using Javascript, HTML & CSS, AngularJS 1, ReactJS, Redux, ExtJS and NodeJS. A majority of these webapps have been deployed and used by millions of people :)

Here's my LinkedIn, Github, Email and Resume

Currently working as a Senior Software Engineer @ Casalova and CTO @ Rockstar Cafe, open to consulting work.

Web Applications that I've built

Rockstar Cafe - An online entrepreneurial community that's all about learning from mentors over coffee.

Rockstar Cafe is a startup that was part of Next 36 / Next Canada, it has 200+ users, 30+ communities and numerous partnering organizations.

It's a feature-packed web application that enables organizations to create their own brand, analyze community engagement, customize onboarding experience and share resources from their Google Drive.

The platform is designed to suggest people based on things you're passionate about and makes it extremely easy to chat online or grab coffee in person.

I've built the platform from the ground up using ReactJS/Redux, Stylus, NodeJS+ExpressJS, Firebase, Algolia, Heroku, AWS S3 and Docker

Rockstar Cafe lets you discover people and communities


Analytics for Paid Partners

Volylabs - Video Manager for LinkedIn - A chrome-extension that enables top LinkedIn video content creators to easily manage their videos and create shareable playlists all within LinkedIn.

This was built with ReactJS, Typescript, AWS Lambda, Google Firestore. RxJS was heavily used for orchestrating the syncing process of a user's videos.

KanHub - A chrome-extension that enables users to easily organize real-time standups and track team progress within Github.

Open-source chrome-extension that enables github contributors and collaborators to organize themselves into teams and hold daily standups without leaving Github.

Technologies used: ReactJS, CSS, NodeJS+ExpressJS, Postgres, Redis, SocketIO, Docker and Digital Ocean.

UCafe - An SMS-powered food ordering website that was used by 400+ users

Technologies used: Angular JS 1, LESS, PHP + Laravel, MySQL, Digital Ocean.

Link to Github

ucafe landing page

Landing Page

JustPlay A web application that enabled 1000+ students to find out when they can drop in and play a sport with others.

Open-source web application that had over 1000 users, was built out of UTSC's incubator: The Hub. Here's an article featuring my webapp

The predecessor to this webapp can be played around with here (email:, pwd: jackjack), source-code here

Technologies used: AngularJS 1, LESS, PHP + Laravel, MySQL, Digital Ocean.


2 Clicks away from finding others to play sports with.

Places I've worked at

Casalova - Senior Software Engineer (2018 Aug - Current)

I don't update this often, feel free to ask me via LinkedIn or Email

Casalova - Software Engineer (2017 July - 2018 Aug)

Led the development of a real-estate search experience that millions of Canadians rely on to find their dream home. We leveraged technologies such as React, Redux, Algolia and GraphQL to provide one of the fastest search experience that’s also heavily optimized for SEO and UX.

Built a React Native application that allowed agents to accept leads, purchase credits and communicate with their clients in real-time. This also includes configuring development setups, deployment pipelines and iOS/Android store uploads.

Built full-stack features such as real-time chat, client-agent lead routing, account credits & payment systems that are fundamental to the operation of Casalova. The Backend is built with event sourcing principles, CQRS, RxJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, GraphQL and Typescript

IntelliGO Networks - Full-stack developer working on IntelliGO (2015 June - 2015 Aug)

Enhanced the usability of the administrator’s dashboard through the addition of d3-driven graphs and customized filters using ExtJS 4 which ultimately enabled the platform to be recognized as SC Magazine 2017’s Best Network Access Control Finalist

Built a feature that generates customizable PDF reports according to a predefined schedule, the PDF reports rendered dynamic content from the web-based platform.

Caseware - Performance Testing & Tooling Developer (2015 June - 2015 Aug)

Developed a tool that automates the process of posting failing tests from Jenkins CI Server to Atlassian Jira

Implemented, maintained and optimized API testing and performance framework

Analyzed, extrapolated and benchmarked large test data to evaluate performance of APIs

Static & Landing Pages / Conference Sites / Shopping Web apps I've built & deployed

TEDxUTSC - A TEDx talk that had thousands of viewers and trended nationally in Canada.

I designed and built the TEDxUTSC from the ground up with a single mission: to make finding information and details about our events as easy as possible (& minimize clicking). I also managed to secure a tech-talk on augmented reality from the "Father of Wearable Computing" Steve Mann.

Technologies used: HTML5, CSS, Wordpress, livestream

Executive hiring page demo

Executive hiring page

Homepage demo


Volykos - Accessible wireless charging for customers

I helped design and build Volykos's landing page and subscription payment system. The system is designed to be able to highly customizable subscription packages for each unique customer, all without writing/changing any code.

Technologies used: HTML5, SASS, JS, Stripe, AWS Lambda, AWS Cloudfront, AWS S3, AWS Route53

Landing page demo

Landing Page

Tweek - Shopify Store that sells tailor-made shirts

This was a Shopify store that made it super easy for customers to customize their shirt to their liking.

Technologies used: Shopify, Liquid